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My name is Tene and I’m a Life Coach. I help clients create a healthy mindset to thrive in life while they manage depression and social anxiety. Why do I do this? Because I’ve been there. I lost a number of good years in the exact same struggle, so I know how this feels – exhausting! And I can’t stress enough how important a role the mindset really plays in all of this.

Happiness after depression and social anxiety.

I’ve been a very emotional person throughout my life, and I’ve always thought that my emotions leading my life is how it should be. Wrong! Everything starts from thinking. Just one thought is the trigger for the emotion to rise up, and therefore we act on it. We have learned (read: borrowed) different irrational beliefs from our parents, teachers, peers, and society that do not actually serve us in our own personal path. If we let our emotions lead our life, our behavior is solely based on what we have unconsciously attached to ourselves throughout life. And borrowing means that we are not meant to keep them.

So, the challenge here is to undo everything we’re used to doing. Becoming aware of the thought that triggers the emotion is the key. Instead of letting our emotions choose our thoughts and behaviors, we need to learn how to choose a reasonable thought first. Here’s a very simple reminder on how this works:

Situation → Thought → Emotion → Behavior

There’s so much more to come and I’m so excited to share it all with you! Whether you choose to subscribe to my blog/website, follow my Instagram, work 1-on-1 with me, or all of the above, I guarantee you’ll learn tons of valuable information along the way. 

Until next time!

Take care and much love,


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