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Five Years Ahead - Choosing Your Future

Looking into the future and thinking what would it hold for us when we decide to change our mindset and therefore our destiny?

There are times in our lives when everything is going right. And then, because life is life, there are times when you start feeling unhappy, stuck, and without passion in life, thinking there has to be more. Maybe feel unworthy, not enough, and you let the pain of your past take over. You let your fears control your life. These are the times when you reach for the tools to get things back on track, because you know that if you don’t, your negative thoughts and emotions can pile up into a mountain of disappointment.


Now, imagine that pile five years from now. Imagine yourself in five years, thinking about all the things you could’ve achieved but didn’t. What opportunities and experiences did you miss? What stories or lies did you tell yourself that prevented you from changing? What were your excuses? Five years from now, what will be your DEEPEST regret?! 


Imagine in five years asking yourself, “What if I had followed a different path?” What paths could you have taken to accomplish your goals?


Now, imagine if you could change that future? What if you had embraced change and did accomplish everything on your To-Do list? The best news is that you can change that future because you’re thinking about it now.


The fear of change has become a major anchor in the modern world. According to psychologists, one of the core reasons we avoid change is that we can't predict the outcome. In fact, change is the only constant in life. The key here is to learn how to discipline your mind to work to your advantage! 

Positive mindset quote. Everything starts from within. What we create inside our mind will determine our whole external life.

The human mind is the most powerful machine we have. We are all born with it but aren’t given instructions on how to actually utilize it. What would you do if someone handed you the user’s manual of your mind, and suddenly you knew exactly how to press all the right buttons in any situation? What would you do with a remote control to guide your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors?


Luckily, neuroscience HAS discovered techniques that are used to reprogram your mind! Diving into this process, we can adopt self-awareness and learn how to filter our thoughts, therefore controlling our emotions and molding our own destiny!

“Positive thinking is not about being delusional.  It’s about learning how to take control of internal processing and knowing it’ll shape your external environment.” - Andrew Huberman


Hopefully, as you read this, there is a growing sense of excitement building. You can start to see yourself crushing your fears and getting back into the driver’s seat of your life. The feeling of empowerment, because you realize you are the hero of your life! You are a superstar and capable of creating change. And most of all – you will believe in yourself all the way to the top! 


And the best part is that while you might not have these skills yet, there are plenty of people out there who have found their own remote control and are eager to help you find yours. To start, you have me – I’d like to help you do that! Changing your mindset is the only way to create the life that you want because it is the only way that makes lasting change possible. 


Life is always changing, and that, we can’t stop or avoid. But the tools to adapt and own those changes - and then adjusting our plans accordingly - are ready to be uncovered and put to good use. It’s up to us to find those tools, find ourselves, and welcome life and all its amazing opportunities.


Until next time, take care and much love!




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